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Men and women complain about putting themselves out there just to be rejected or disappointed..

Both men & women have complained about this exact issue since time in memorial. Yet, many haven’t come to realize that the acquisition of a “plutonic friendship”, free of any sexual or flirtatious enticements is imperative before cultivating a more personal & inevitably sexual relationship. The stage of “opening up to someone” should be considered an honorary stage that is earned through the continued perseverance by one who has proven their value of being worthy to be trusted with such personal info. This all requires time, and a lot of it. But unfortunately the way our generation is set up, time is something we don’t particularly like wasting on getting to truly know someone. Those who take the time, show they care.. those who rush, show they don’t. Patience is the virtue to practice. that way, you avoid situations where you’re the one putting everything on the table, or keeping everything off out of fear.

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I got off work at 7pm.. for the last 30 minutes, I’ve been sitting in my car wondering what I should do. Should I go eat? Should I go home & sleep? Should I go to the gym? What should I do? I’m lost right now. you see, my girlfriend and I broke up today. she calls it a break but I’m not stupid. we’ve been together for 3 long years & I think it might be time to sever ties & go solo for a while. it’s just that the realization of this situation has finally set in. My passenger seat in this car is empty. The presents that I had become so familiar with is now gone. I’m alone & the silence & stale smell of this new car is.. stifling. I’ve just now understood what an intricate part of my life she was. Literally my best friend.. My only friend basically. Be it for better or worse.. I miss the love an affection we shared. Now I have to go through the awkwardness of deleting public pictures & albums.. photos that people have seen will no longer be there & they’ll know what happened. “They broke up”. I’m lost because I always had her opinion to guide my actions. not always a good thing.. but I came to depend on her council.. I wish things could have been different.

To be continued..

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